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        Why ABP Industry Leader

        Automated Business Power? (ABP)?is the industry leader in design and production of advanced, field deployable Uninterruptible Power Supplies, AC-to-DC Power Supplies, DC-to-DC Converters, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Power/Voice/Data/SATCOM-On-The-Move Communication Cases and Communications Equipment, Speakers, Speaker/Voice Systems, AN/PRC-117G Wideband Multiband Multimission Manpack Radio products, AN/PRC-148 MBITR & JEM products, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-154 and AN/PRC-155 products, Tactical Transceiver and SOTM Kits, ancillary equipment for tactical transceivers and tactical radios, SATCOM and Multi-Band Power Amplifier Kits and SATCOM and Broad-Band Antennas in Vehicle Convoy, Command Post, TOC, Shelter, HMMWV, Military & Civilian Vehicles, Aircraft, Shipboard and Portable Applications.

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        ABP Communications News & Events

        New Product: 4 Transceivers Integrated Marine VHF Case

        ABP Part Number: ABP-ITCC-7V-NS. Integrated 4 Transceiver (1.6 – 30 MHz High Frequency and 30-512 MHz Line-of-Site (LOS) / Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Communication Case (ITCC)…

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        New Product: Integrated 2 Transceivers Dual 50 Watt Amplified Communication Case

        ABP Part Number: ABP-ITCC-8L. Integrated 2 Transceivers 50 Watt Amplified Communication Case (ITCC) with uninterruptible power, amplified, voice and data system utilizing AN/PRC-117G radios, ABP-10PA40(W)…

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